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In order to verify a client certificate is being sent to the server, you need to analyze the output from the combination of the -state and -debug. openssl s_client [-connect host:port] [-verify depth] [-cert filename] [-key filename] [-CApath directory] [-CAfile filename] [-reconnect] [-pause] [-showcerts] [-debug]. After a while I figured it out: this particular load balancer was configured to use only TLSv, which the version of openssl included in OS X.

14 Dec However, when I use s_client -showcerts, the certificate chain does not include the CA certificate. % openssl s_client -connect openssl s_client [-connect host:port] [-servername name] [-verify depth] [- verify_return_error] [-cert filename] [-certform DER|PEM] [-key filename] [-keyform . On my system (and possibly on yours), s_client doesn't pick up the default trusted certificates; it complains that there is a self-signed certificate in the certificate.

14 Mar You can also present a client certificate if you are attempting to debug issues with a connection that requires one. openssl s_client -showcerts. 23 May Retrieve the certificate provided by the nixcraft HTTPD mail server: $ openssl s_client -showcerts -connect 16 Jun How to check a website's SSL certificate expiration date and view the echo | openssl s_client -servername -connect. 13 Mar The openssl tool has a command s_client which is a general SSL client; Global CA verify error:num=unable to get local issuer certificate. You should be able to use OpenSSL for your purpose: echo | openssl s_client - showcerts -servername -connect

That behaviour is not part of TLS v But it doesn't explicitly state why the handshake has failed. It can't. It's not defined as part of the (TLS. openssl version OpenSSL f 6 Jan $ openssl s_client -connect CN = GeoTrust Global CA verify error:num=unable to get local issuer certificate. This specifies the maximum length of the server certificate chain and turns on server certificate verification. Currently the verify operation continues after errors so. 12 Dec This document provides a summary of "openssl s_client" commands port and print the ssl certificate used by.